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make paypal money onlineIt’s clear that making money online is the best job anyone looking for freedom from a 9 to 5 can easily escape into. There’s a lot of people struggle to make their first $1 online, and failing to do so because of being misguided or falling into the trap of ads claiming you can make thousands and thousands of dollars online. When ads like that are pushed into your head because you typed in the words MAKE MONEY ONLINE  into Google, you start to buy into the bullshit promises that are being sold. Please don’t get me wrong because the amount of money a person can make online is endless once you find your own gold mind, $1000 is really nothing now a days, you can be  lucky enough and have money to get in with a group that understands the online market and is willing to show others how to break through.

How to make your first dollar online

I realize how hard it is to make $1000 a month into my paypal account because I’ve started from nothing a month for a long time, to making $20 a month.  From $20 I escalated to $100 and so on. You might be thinking (what is $20 a month). I look at it as you have to crawl before you can walk, and that is exactly the steps I took to make $1000 a month into my paypal account. I was also in the circle of buying wso after wso.  For those that don’t know what a wso is, it’s an abbreviation for (Warrior Special Offer) usually sold at warriorsforum.  When I tried their methods, the majority of them didn’t work for me, not to say that what they claimed they were doing wasn’t working, it’s just that they didn’t work for me.  I started from the very basics of making money online which were by surveys. I hated the thought of them, but it was what easy ways to make money onlinewas working for me at the time. The money I earned depended on how much work I put in and making $1000 a month started to become easier and easier. I believe the thing that puts a bad image in your mind when you hear TAKE SURVEYS ONLINE is that you’re thinking all your doing is answering a bunch of questions and at the end you only get 2 cents for the time spent doing it, that wasn’t my case. The sites I used allowed me to take surveys and get paid, watch videos and get paid, check emails and get paid, play games and get paid, which lead to me making $1000 a month.  After seeing this as my big picture, I realized that everything I did within this site, I was getting paid. Let’s just imagine making $5 a day doing the things I just listed, after about a month you will see $140 in your account just for spending about thirty minutes out of your day. I was doing it with my IPhone so it’s not as if I was sitting in front of my computer for thirty minutes, it was usually when sitting around with friends and we had nothing to do or family. Basically during any down time.

How to Make $1000 a month into your Paypal account

To make $1000 a month into your Paypal account is not a difficult task when you’re starting off its just how you go about it and your mind set. In anything you want to do successfully, you have to put a routine around it and program yourself. I created a routine that helped me to reach my $1000 a month online income. After realizing that I can actually make some decent spending money from this, I scaled what I was doing to make more spending money for myself. I decided to make it a part time job meaning I dedicated four hours to making money that way. I took the same jobs I was doing and timed myself to be doing it for four hours straight every day. Not only did my time increase, I gave myself a pay increase.

My Pay Increase

This is when $1000 a month started flowing into my Paypal account.  I made it a point to start work again by doing my online activities for four hours every day and I also increased my salary. I increased my salary by making sure I would make a minimum of  $10 an hour from each of the site I registered with doing the same online activities that paid me. Between 6 sites in four hours, some days I would make $50 to $60 but I didn’t stop unless I had a minimum of $40 altogether that day. So with just doing those simple task everyday (ON MY IPHONE), at the end of the month, I was getting an extra $1000 into my Paypal account. For me it was better than the run around I was getting trying to follow methods I didn’t understand unless someone was willing to  sit me down and show me what is what. YES I AM A SLOW LEARNER.

With my extra money, I used it to get started with building websites, paying freelancers to do what I wasn’t able to do, putting absence to get paid from them, learning seo, and really understanding the online market without joining the hype that turns a newbie to a failure from start.

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